A God who remains: ‘The Dark Womb’ by Karen O’Donnell

In her new book, ‘The Dark Womb’, Karen O’Donnell writes openly about her traumatic experience of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy (when a fertilised egg implants itself outside of the womb) and infertility. She describes how her church community at the time failed to respond to her trauma in a theologically helpful way. This book emerges from wrestling with the disconnect between her experience and the theology on offer in the church. This book will speak particularly to those who have first- or second-hand experience of reproductive loss, but O’Donnell also invites theologians to use reproductive loss as a lens to see theological questions in a fresh way.

Living a truly hopeful story

Living hopefully has never been more important. I say hopefully rather than optimistically. Optimism speaks to me of a bland sense that everything will be fine; an assumption that because things been alright for you in the past, things will continue to be ok; wishful thinking with no strong foundation. Hope, on the other hand,… Continue reading Living a truly hopeful story