Jolly Quaker Podcast 01 – In conversation with Ben Wood (1/3)

I recently met with fellow Quaker theologian Ben Wood to talk about our upcoming books that both reflect on Quakerism and Christianity. We originally meant our conversation to be one long video, but after recording we realised it’d be better offered as a series of three shorter podcast episodes.

So in this first part of our conversation we talk about what prompted us to write our books, our difficulties with universalism and our approaches to Jesus.

Ben’s book is called ‘The Living Fountain: Remembrances of Quaker Christianity’ and is out in May 2023. My books is called ‘Quaker Shaped Christianity: How the Jesus story and the Quaker Way fit together’ and is out at the end of November this year.

The podcast music is by EvgenyBardyuzha from Pixabay

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