My new book has a cover

I’m thrilled to reveal the cover for my new book “Quaker Shaped Christianity”!

Book cover for Quaker Shaped Christianity

The book will be published as part of the Christian Alternative Books series “Quaker Quicks”, which already has titles by Jennifer Kavanagh, Rhiannon Grant and Geoffrey Durham.

Seeing the new cover is so exciting. I love the colour palette, and I’m one step closer to holding the physical book in my hand.

I hope this makes you excited to read it for yourself. I’ll be announcing a publication date very soon!

You can read more about my new book, and the wonderful things people have been saying about it, here.

4 thoughts on “My new book has a cover”

  1. Congratulations, Mark! So very pleased for you. Beautiful cover and impressive line of reviewers. Their comments are so varied; sounds like there will be something for all Friends struggling with the complexities of Jesus’ life and his relevance to 21st century Quakers. It appears to be a booklet that ought to be in many if not all Meeting Libraries. I look forward to hearing about the book launch and receiving my signed copy.

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