The cost of the ‘Blessed Community’

‘If we have come to Quakers for a quiet life, then the only sort of community we will find is a pretend one.’

I’ve written a piece about the joys and challenges of being a faith community on the Woodbrooke blog. I think it’s rather good! You can read it here.

[Featured image by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash]

2 thoughts on “The cost of the ‘Blessed Community’”

  1. Each denomination has a shadow side, I think. Among Quakers it is often anger. Since we do all get angry, even if we embrace peace, we end up having it leak out in other ways. I had a friend tell me that a colleague who taught Peace Studies was the angriest person she knew. Catholics I am around seem to have a fear of joy! Maybe God will zap them if they are too happy. I just listened to the “Pray as You Go” for today and thought about the wacky group Jesus had following him in Luke. Fishermen, “fallen” woman, wealthy wife. Wonder how they got along.

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