7 thoughts on “Mysticism or activism?”

  1. I went over and read this fine reflection. I remember some years ago talking with Margaret Hope Bacon, the Quaker writer who pointed out that the separation of contemplation from action was a very wrong turn for the faith, resulting unnecessarily in two Quaker factions.

  2. If our activism is rooted in mysticism then there is, I would suggest, a greater possibility that that activism will be effective, not least because a deep mysticism will bring with it an increasing awarenes of our deepest, trues self and we will be more able to see the situation on which the activism is focussed more deeply and truly than if we approach it with our own unknown prejudices in full flood. Thus our activism will be more appropriate.

  3. Hello Mark. Thank you the article. It’s going to be one worth re-reading, I’m sure. It was very encouraging to be reminded that contemplation and activism are two sides of the same coin and that time spent seeking God is as valuable as time spent blockading an arms fair as long as the one is rooted in the other. I often find Psalm 73 helpful when faced with the question ‘how I am able to change this broken system I live in?’ I know that with the Spirit’s guidance my efforts to seek the Kingdom can be made effective and what efforts to make can be made clear. ‘For your name’s sake lead me and guide me.’ Keep on providing the useful theology!

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