Welcome to Jolly Quaker

Welcome! Some of you may be familiar with my previous blog ‘Quaker Intentional Community in London‘. In this new blog I’ll continue to share my thoughts and reflections on Quakerism, Christianity and community. To new readers, I hope you find this blog interesting and thought provoking. Your comments and contributions are most welcome. To readers of my previous blog, thanks for sticking with me. I recently got married, hence no blogging for quite a while, as it appears that planning and having a wedding takes up a lot of time! I have a new post brewing, as the thought most on my mind at the moment is ‘What is the point of going to meeting?’. My reflections on this will follow in the next few weeks. Until them, shalom!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Jolly Quaker”

  1. Hi Mark,
    Many congratulations and look forward to following your writing here.
    In Friendship,

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